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The Energy Management information will very interesting if you manage Wedeco UV systems


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Wedeco UV systems are widely regarded as the finest available. They do however rely on the lamps and ballasts installed for their efficiency. Philips have developed a range of lamps and ballasts for the Wedeco Systems which greatly improve on the efficiency of the systems.

They are designated the Dynapower range and consists of the full range of lamps together with a ballast card or driver which runs all of the lamps regardless of power. The Philips range of lamps and ballasts are  products which are entirely compatible with the Wedeco equipment. The greatly increased efficiency allows for substantial energy saving to made in running these Wedeco built systems.

We are confident we produce saving in the order of 25% even if you are using the latest Wedeco Ecoray lamps and ballasts.

We have produced energy reduction of 40+% where the older less efficient Wedeco lamps and ballasts were still used, the scope for energy saving is very substantial indeed.
The initial development was started nearly 10 years ago so these are  proven products with a demonstrable track record over many thousands of hours.
The reliability and consistent performance of these products  has proved superb with less than 0.1 % lamp failures and the Dynapower driver or ballast is even better.
They really are fit and forget products.

If you want to see them right away they are here:

Philips XPT HO lamps

Philips Dynapower Ballast.

When you install them the only faults you are likely to see are wiper faults.
You can find the supporting evidence and data for all the above in the resources section.

You will also see in the case studies how we operate, how careful we are and how comprehensively we monitor and report data.

If you need replacement lamps for other UV systems such as Trojan,Aquafine,ATG,Hanovia,R-Can/Sterilight,lightech,Siemens, Sterilaire, Wyckomar etc

You can find all of these here  at:


For common domestic UV systems you will find the lamps and ballasts here:


If you need further information or advice please do not hesitate to call us if prefer we always like to talk about UV and UV systems.

Below is some UTube content that shows off some of Philips latest innovations not necessarily relevant to wastewater but as we all know the potable water sector is very much a growth area.