Philips Dynapower HO Lamps

These Philips Dynapower HO lamps are the future, recently developed and now extensively trialed we have already taken orders for in excess of 2000 pieces in the UK alone.

This Dynapower HO lamp is a world beater, it represents the full power of Philip’s research and development spend,

It is head and shoulders above the competition.

It look the same as the standard XPT lamp physically, but it moves the goal posts a long way.


The target was a 20% increase in UVC intensity, as you can see from the PDF below

In fact on the field trials the results greatly exceeded these expectations below is our report prepared for the site operator,

It is a bit long but well worth reading the results are quite stunning, just imagine if we could reduce your annual energy burn by even 20%

Site A Trial.

We were so amazed but the results we began to doubt our data and called for a technical team from Philips to come and independently verify our findings they were with 1% of our figures.

Here you will see my initial report to Philips, it is brief but sums up what a major step forward we had seen.

Report to Philips following visit 

You can see Philips report (complete with spelling mistakes and typos) here and in the download section.

Report on Sites A and B

Also in the download section you will find case studies for another site in the north of England.

This project was for 160 pieces and showed we could reduce the energy burn of that system by 50%  it was an odd one, but none the less that is what the results show.

Sea Side Wedeco TAK system