Philips Dynapower Ballast

Developed specifically to address the failings of the old Wedeco Ballast Cards Philips Dynapower ballast have proved incredibly successful.

The have an unconditional guarantee from Philips of three years, i.e. at 2 years 11 months if one fails you get a new one. You have known costs.

You need only one, the single unit will run the whole range of lamps, of course each unit runs two lamps.

Philips like to call them “Drivers”

The failure rate is negligibleDynapower-driver-300x284

They are probably the most successful product I have ever worked with they are practically faultless.

Below is a PDFs  of the original testing reports the oscilloscope screen show how well they work, the smooth sign wave is what leads to the energy saving  over the Wedeco drivers.

It is worth reading.

Although they have now been copied Philips policy of constant development means the Dynapower driver still show a like for like energy saving of between 8% and 10% over the competition.

Philips WAM Driver report

Below is the user manual which provides full technical details, you can download a copy from the downloads section

Philips DynaPower lamp driver manual v0 5

These ballast cards are so good even  the technicians love them, they don’t use the 24 volt ring in the cabinet so often they will run where a wedeco ballast will not, if you work with TAK systems regularly you will know what I mean. If not trust me it is a very good feature.

No shocks in handling lower running current and lower temperature all add to the improved performance.