How we assess a system performance

When we are asked to look at a UV system we use a tried and tested procedure to assess a system performance

You would be surprised how many times we find operators who do not really understand how their system works and how to get the best out of it.

Firstly we find out what is installed, the running environment is it pumped supply are the flow regular, is the transmissivity consistent or does it vary greatly.

Is there a saline content, any ferric etc.

How old is the Quartz, how old the lamps (hours run) wht ballasts and lamps are installed.

We will then install Data Loggers so we can build up a genuine picture of the energy consumption in particular but also the dimming regime (if applicable) flow rates and transmissivity changes.

Standard Data Logger.

When we have the complete picture only then will we start to formulate a plan to improve the performance of the system.

This procedure can often take a month or so in order to get the correct picture.

Once we have the data then it is usually quite straightforward to come up with recommendations, costings and anticipated savings.

The equipment we use is specifically chosen for Wedeco TAK systems but is equally applicable to other UV systems.

We work very carefully and systematically ,we are fully aware of the importance of not doing anything which could jeopardize the consent to discharge limits.

We Also have the required expertise to deal with the PLCs and control systems, we used “Clean Laptops” for these operations, no machine is ever used on more than one Scada system.