PDF’s of case studies

Here are some recent projects we have either carried out or designed and supervised. The main objectives were reliability and energy saving.

Case Study 1.

This was a simple refurbishment and general sort out of a very neglected early Wedeco TAK system in Ireland.

This was actually  executed under the  CLS-UV label as there was an existing connection with Veolia.

The only real problem was the comms set up which was a one off which no one seemed to understand and we weren’t prepared to play with.

Otherwise it went quite well a much improved UV intensity and an 18% energy saving for the one bank, when the change the second in 6 or 7 months the system will be a efficient as possible.

We will be able to supply the HO lamps then so the improvement will be much greater.

Tralee Waste Water Treatment Works

Case Study 2.

This was a project to show how efficient a properly equipped and configured system can be, we took a badly set up system and maximized it’s efficiency the energy saving are remarkable.

I will let the report speak for itself it did lead to the major ballast roll out scheme in case study 4.

Report on Trials and Energy monitoring of Philips versus Wedeco Ballasts

Case Study 3.

This was a complete ballast change project, it included re-calibration of the systems to reflect  the improved performance of the Philips products, this customer had already changed all of the lamps (approx 5500) to Philips so they knew they would see the greatest benefits of the compatibility of the products.

The overall result across some 66 systems was 24.76% before re-calibration so this was on ballast change alone.

The re-calibration added a further 9% as  the top power setting was reduced to 90%

Plus the changes to the dimming curve which are very difficult to calculate.

Unfortunately the report on this scheme is too large to upload onto this site, please contact us if you would like a copy, I will include the annualised number spreadsheet which shows the results.

Annualised numbers

Should you want any further information on any of the above or better still want to talk about them please contact us.

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