About us

Commercial Lamps is a well established and successful family owned  business set up more than twenty years ago in Exeter, Devon and offers a nationwide service to all types of customers both large and small, trade and domestic.

The Company relocated it’s head office to much larger premises near Tavistock in Devon some ten years ago.

We are fortunate to  work in such beautiful surroundings!

We also have an office in Reading which is not rural  but provides easy access to most parts of he UK.

The General lighting division  stocks a massive range of lamps and tubes mostly made by the large household name manufacturers like Philips, Osram, GE, Sylvannia, Crompton, BLV, Prolite and of course Megaman,

We also have lesser know names such as Smilite or Smilight dependent on how you like to spell it.

The web site for General Lighting is    www.commercial-lamps.co.uk

In addition to the new LED’s which are rapidly becoming the mainstay of the general lighting market we stock most of the “obsolete” lamps that people know and still love even if they are not as energy efficient as the LED’s.

Please call us if you are at all unsure of the lamps you want, or for advice on what would be the best lamp to use in order to produce the lighting you would like.

We don’t have a call centre, you will get a real live person answering the phones.

We have Two specialist UV divisions.

CLS-UV  is a major distributor of UV lamps to equipment manufacturers,  installers and wholesalers.

The Company holds large stocks of a wide variety of UV germicidal and ozone producing lamps from most of the recognised manufacturers worldwide as well as what are known as compatible lamps  mainly from far east manufacturers, these often offer a lower cost alternative to the original equipment.

A particular benefit CLS-UV has to offer is in identification of existing lamps as well as the  specification of appropriate lamps for new products, we have technical staff with more years experience in UV than they might want to admit.

The CLS-UV web site is here :  www.cls-uv.co.uk



Deals with Water Companies, both in the UK and overseas.

Wastewater treatment in particular but increasingly on the fresh or potable water side.

The Company has built an enviable reputation over many years working hand in hand with Philips Speciallist lighting to develop new products to improve the performance of Tertiary treatment plants.

We do not supply systems merely make existing ones work better.

And we can do that in a quite spectacular manner.

The main demand in recent times has been in energy management, UV system use a lot of power and tend to run 24/7 so the year on year energy cost is great.

Fortunately we can help reduce these costs in a major way depending on the existing installation and the component is use we have been able to demonstrate a saving of 50%  in a recent case.

You will find case studies which support these claims in the resources section, one of which covers some 60+ plants of greatly varying ages and types produced an overall saving of 26% ignoring reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

The latest lamps from Philips have taken another massive leap forward with improved efficiency which has resulted in a further 26 % UV intensity over the previous model.

You can see these in the Philips Dynapower section.